Monday, March 17, 2014


For my GIF, I created a ball that is falling, hit the ground, and bounced upwards. This is a metaphor for life, and it means that even if you fall, bounce back and get back up.

Link to GIF:

Friday, March 14, 2014

Print making

(Picture missing)

Artists Create Original Art
     During this project, I combined my creativity with the idea of social media today. I used the idea of social media being very popular to create pop art.

Artists Take Risks
     I took a risk in this project by cutting up my linoleum to make the different social media apps different colors. This was risky because it took longer to do and made each piece different because it was very hard to line up the apps as they were before.


The Most Interesting Man In The World - i dont always make art, but when i do its really good

My fist definition of Art:
     Art is the expression of imagination and emotions into a piece of work.

My new definition of Art:
     Art is the interpretation of human creativity.


(Picture Missing)

Artists Create Original Art
     I think that my origami piece, which is a dress shirt and tie, is rather original. I derived the idea from the tie piece, and incorporated the shirt into the work.

Artists Develop Art Making Skills
     By completing this project, I developed the skill of origami. Before this project, I had never done origami before and had no idea how to fold. But now, as an artist, I adapted and learned this new skill.

Artists Communicate Through Their Work
     I communicated through my origami by expressing my creativity and originality. This art piece has no specific purpose or meaning, but I created it under the impression because I didn't think it had been done much before.